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          Widespread Use                                               AKL : 21501024999

          Widespread Use
          The system is widespread use in all the specific needs for any radiographic
          examination at the badside, orthopaedics, paediatric, operating theatre and
          emergency inner hospital
         Digitizing the bedside radiographic machine
         In order to make good use of the hospital resource, based on the mobile
         machine, we can upgrade the bedside radiographic machine
         Outdoors application
         It is easy to be applied on physical examination vehicle and ambulance,
         outdoor emergency and medical relief
         Smart Rotatable Arm
         The design for the smart rotatable arm has the wide region and degree to make a radiograph
         Excellent clinical images
         With the parameters so high parameters, Bedside DR could obtain the excellent clinical images


          Mobile Digital X-Ray system

                                                                     AKL: 21501020519

                                                                           Power Output                           5kW
                                                                           Main Inverter frequensy                     50KHz
                                                                           X-ray Tube                                 1,5
                                                                           Tube Voltage                             40kV-120kV (interval 1kV)
                                                                                                                               40~49kV     100mA     1~180mAs
                                                                                                                               50~59kV      77mA      1~140mAs
                                                                                                                               60~69kV      64mA      1~125mAs                                                   60~69kV      64mA      1~125mAs

                                                                             Tube Current                           70~79kV      55mA      1~110mAs
                                                                                                                               80~89kV      49mA      1~100mAs
                                                                                                                               90~99kV      44mA      1~80mAs
                                                                                                                               100~109kV  32mA      1~63mAs
                                                                                                                               110~120kV  25mA      1~50mAs
                                                                           mAs                                            1.0~180mAs (46 steps)
                                                                           Power Supply                            220V + 10% 50Hzower Supply                            220V + 10% 50Hz
                                                                           P               _
                                                                                                                                Inner-resistance < 1.0
                                                                           Operation Method                     Wire/wireless control
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